Leatherette Chairs

Ergonomically designed office chairs go beyond just their functional advantages today. They serve as both a fashion statement that reflects your brand’s identity and a tool for promoting a positive workplace culture.

Leatherette is a synthetic substance that is made to look like leather. Although leatherette is the most frequent term in the furniture industry, it’s also known as imitation leather, faux leather, pleather, and synthetic leather.

If you have small children and are shopping for furniture for your home, the convenience of cleaning leatherette furniture will help it endure longer. Leatherette is a fantastic choice if you are concerned about the use of animal by-products. Rufous is one of the best manufacturers and retailers of leatherette chairs in Bangalore.

Our leatherette chairs are ergonomically intended to provide lumbar support for extended periods of sitting and include a five-pronged robust metal base with wheels that provides durability, stability, and a stunning appearance.


  1. Luxurious looks and leather:

Leatherette offers the luxurious appeal and looks like leather, without the low porosity of authentic leather that makes it durable. Also, leatherettes are available in stunning colors, unlike full-grain leather.

  1. Affordable:

They are affordable and have a cost-benefit over the most expensive leather upholstery. Leatherettes are usually made from plastics or vinyl to look and feel like genuine leather. They add luxurious appeal to the office furniture.

  1. Wears better and Durable:

Making it an outstanding value for money as well as a terrific fashion statement. Leatherette has a low porosity, which makes it stain and spill-resistant and easy to clean.

  1. Aging:

Leatherette does not fade with age. However, the top layer can crack with heavy use, revealing the cloth underneath, making it appear more worn.


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