High Back Chairs

High-back office chairs, often known as executive chairs, typically feature backrests that extend to the upper back. When it comes to appearance, the high-back chairs are more prominent and higher than the mid-back chairs. In addition, the provision of the backrest ensures more support to your neck, shoulders, and back.

These chairs come with many adjustment options that you don’t get with the mid-back office chairs. A high back chair would be more appropriate for you if you are tall. Rufous offers one of the best High back chairs in Bangalore, manufactured by expert professionals using high standard materials.

The aesthetic of the high back and low back chairs differs significantly. A chair with a high back is more noticeable. In addition, there is an extra component called a headrest that adds to its prominence.


The following are the most frequently cited advantages of high back chairs.

  1. The presence of a headrest makes it easier to sit upright for lengthy periods.
  2. It reduces the likelihood of
  3. developing a reclining problem.
  4. It provides adequate upper and lower back support.
  5. It offers long-term comfort, mainly when working for more than 5 hours.

At Rufous, we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality, low-back, mid-back, and high-back office chairs, and leading corporations across the country use our chairs. In addition, our high-back chair usually features more adjusting options for a personalized and customized seating experience.

These chairs support your middle back because they come higher than your shoulder blades. In addition, your lumbar spine is often supported with some built-in lumbar support. Sometimes, this lumbar support is highly adjustable so that you can create a chair that fits you like a glove.


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