Visitors Chairs

Rufous offers one of the best visitor chairs in Bangalore. We manufacture ergonomic visitor chairs with a simple, clean design while providing a modern and flexible method to provide a new solution for any environment.

One of the most used and underappreciated components of a workplace is the visiting chair. When looking for these seats, most offices would prioritize aesthetics over comfort. This one-sided approach frequently results in the waiting room being crammed with steel chairs with oddly slanted backs. This design gives the room a sense of professionalism and class, but the discomfort detracts from the overall appeal.


  1. Firm Vertebral support: During long meetings and presentations, our visitor chairs with solid back support help visitors stay attentive. They provide additional comfort, promote appropriate posture, and alleviate aches and pains.
  2. Stackable features: Visitor chairs are convenient because they are usually stackable and designed for transporting and storing via chair trolleys.
  3. Support natural posture: Rufous’ visitor chair allows the spine to recline and relax in a comfortable position. It gives excellent lower back support, encourages correct posture, and aids with back discomfort relief. This enables a person to maintain a balanced position that keeps them alert and comfortable.

Visitor chairs are generally placed in the waiting area, which typically creates the first impression of your workplace. Hence, to get the best visitor chairs in Bengaluru, Rufous is the affordable manufacturer you can rely on.

Even after hours of sitting behind a desk, our flexible and plush backrest helps relieve weariness so that you can leave with as little aggravation and pain as possible. Visitor chairs are sturdy and firm while moving and stacking. The surface of our visitor chairs is waterproof and generally chemical resistant, making them easy to maintain.


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