Chair shampooing:

The chairs you use at your office are meant to make employees feel comfortable and improve productivity. When clients come to your office to discuss business possibilities, you should greet them with a vibrant and clean environment, with immaculate clean upholstery on all furnishings. However, if they are dusty and stained, it will immediately draw a visitor’s attention and leave a poor impression.

Rufous will provide you with a personalized cleaning package that suits your requirements, whether you are a startup company with a few employees or a large corporation with several hundred.

We offer one of the best chair shampooing services in Bangalore and schedule it according to your requirements. Our chair shampooing or chair sanitization service ensures your comfortable couch is returned to its original state. It takes time to get rid of those leftover food stains or other marks that affect the beauty of your expensive chairs. The dust is sucked out of the chair using a vacuum cleaning procedure.

Call us immediately to set up your chair shampooing appointment. We will offer you a quotation that is tailored to your needs.


  1. We start by dry vacuuming the chair to extract loose dust.
  2. We follow by scrubbing/brushing the chair with a chemical solution.
  3. We then wet the vacuum chair to remove moisture and residual dirt.

Note – Old and Stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. We try to offer 100% stain removal without damage the fabric.

Shampooing involves

  1. Spotting of Carpet/ Upholstery for removal of stains
  2. Shampooing of Carpet/ Upholstery for cleaning of fiber
  3. This is done with Injection Extraction technology using eco-friendly chemicals which do not harm the fabric of the upholstery and human skin

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