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People usually spend a lot of money buying the best fashion and furniture models for your office or home. Ensure that all furniture pieces are regularly serviced and maintained to get the most out of your investment. At Rufous, we offer premium furniture cleaning, repair, and maintenance services.

We are professionals in providing the best chair repair services at doorsteps in Bengaluru, from minor concerns like replacing castors and gas lifts to re-upholstery, whether it’s one chair or an entire workplace, restaurant, auditorium, or individual chair at home.

Over the years, as you use the furniture, dust and grime tend to deposit in the nooks and crannies of the furniture pieces. The dust and dirt will not only make your furniture look old and worn-out, but it will also cause the structure to deteriorate over time.

Furthermore, traditional procedures will not be able to clean and remove all of this deep dirt. Hence, it would be ideal if you seek expert help. To remove the deep-deposited grime, our experienced furniture cleaners will utilize safe cleaning chemicals.

Apart from furniture cleaning, we also provide chair repair services. If the chair lift mechanism malfunctions or the office chair’s hydraulic gas lift has to be changed, we can handle it. We can also replace the wheel and base on your chair.

You can get spare components from us if you have old chairs that require new caster wheels or bases. We also have all of the essential chair accessories you could need for office chair repairs in stock. Rufous provides a one-stop shop for all of your office furniture needs, including purchases and upkeep. You may save money on frequent furniture service and maintenance by signing up for our annual maintenance plan.

You will benefit from our office chair services and repairs on a small business or an individual. We offer a warranty on our doorstep service.

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