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An ergonomic computer workstation is quite essential to any office. The science of ergonomics is about creating equipment and tools that are suitable for the employee. Desk – workstation is designed to create maximum comfort and productivity and works to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Rufous offers one of the best-customized workstations in Bengaluru. Modular workstations, also known as insertion workstations, are the most popular among our customers. It includes ergonomic work surfaces, mobile and fixed furniture elements, and a wide selection of finishing materials.

Types of workstation setup we offer:

  1. Cubical workstation:

Cube is a sleek and minimalist cubist design with a characteristic 5 cm square steel frame that allows the table to float. The tables come in two shapes: rectangle and organic cabin. Options include a modesty panel, privacy screen, and cable tray under the countertop.

There are endless storage options available for office cubicles, including file cabinet drawers, pedestals with wheels, shelving, or cabinets built into the wall.

  1. Linear workstation:

Linear is a modern workstation range combining a straight leg and beam system with cable management facilities adaptable to today’s ever-evolving needs. This versatile system offers a limitless number of sophisticated configurations achieved by providing a flexible solution to every office layout and design.

A color palette of fresh modern colors allows for complementing or contrasting worktops and screens, ensuring no style restriction.


  1. The workstation becomes more effective and productive when it is designed to allow for optimal posture, fewer motions, less exertion, and better heights and reaches.
  2. It can reduce attrition, absenteeism, boost morale, and promote employee involvement if individuals do not experience weariness and pain during their workday.

Employees who are in good health are your most important asset. Developing and fostering a safety and health culture at your company will result in improved human performance

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